A new month is here and that means it’s time to check in on last month’s goals and set new ones for this month! I sent out the March monthly intention page to my Blog Intentions subscribers last week. Make sure you’re signed up so that you can get all of the free tips and printables I’ve been sharing this year!

Let’s first take a look at last month’s intention and how I did with it.

Define It:
1. Create a plan at the start of every week. Write it down in my planner. (Did great the first week and then completely forgot.)
2. Outline my ebook. (Didn’t get a bit of this done.)
3. Blog consistently all month.
4. Make a business plan. (Was moved to March because I found an accountability partner!)
1. Start lining up guest posts for my trip to Charleston and our big move.
2. Create a great sponsorship program for the blog. (Revamping it because the current one didn’t work.)

I did great with consistency in February and with growth. I had a hard time with my intention of focus but it wasn’t a completely unproductive month, so I’m going move forward and look to the next month.

Here’s my intention for March:

Define It:
1. Create a plan at the start of every week. Write it down in my planner.
2. Solid business plan for both blogs. Timeline of where they are going.
3. Organize the computer (tags, pictures, email).
4. Create a blog binder for tracking things.
1. Finish lining up guest bloggers for The Coastie Couple’s Virtual Tour of America.
2. Finish & update the blog pages.
What about you? What are your goals for the month?

Link them up below or share them in the comments!

And because every link up needs a few guidelines, here they are:
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3. Add a link to Hodge Podge Moments in your blog post encouraging others to link up their goals.
4. Go out and crush your goals in March!