When I first started blogging, it was all for me. I didn’t care if anyone read my blog and I certainly didn’t know that I needed to know how to network. Then, I discovered a blogging group on Facebook and things spiraled from there. After three years of blogging, I’m here to tell you why you need to make connections with others and how they can help your blog.

What is a blogging tribe?

A blogging tribe is a group of bloggers that can bounce ideas off of each other. They may or may not show direct love to each other’s blogs but they do show love by listening to ideas and giving feedback. They may or may not be friends on the internet or in real life. They do however respect and support each other at all times. Basically, a blogging tribe is your blog support system.

How will a blogging tribe help me?

A blogging tribe can help you in many ways. Depending on the set up, they can help you promote things from your blog or offer feedback on anything from blog topics to layout and design. They offer a listening ear and feedback when you need it. They may even become your friends in the process. For me, my blogging tribe is also a sisterhood of friends. We share our wins, losses, and everything in between. We share about our lives and about our blogs.

It’s much more than others working towards the same goals. All of our blogs are different. All of our goals and visions are different. Yet, we give support and feedback where we can. We know that we can turn to each other for help and support. And we often do turn to each other for that support. Oh and vent sessions are completely okay for us!

Where can I find a blogging tribe?

I found my tribe by simply making friends in the blogging world. Even though a blog is the perfect space to hide behind, I don’t recommend it. Get out and there and network! Comment on blogs, connect in groups, and attend online parties & chats (such as our Blogger PJ Party – the next one is March 29th and we’ll be talking about all things social media. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet people.) Put yourself and your blog out there a little bit and try to make connections. You never know when you’ll meet your next blogging friend! You can start by commenting on my post – I love making new blog connections!

Are you in a blogging tribe? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!