I can’t believe June is almost around the corner! That means my month long blogiversary celebration is also right around the corner! In honor of this, I’m sharing some of my budget-friendly party planning tips today. Then, at the very end of this post, you’ll find a detailed calendar of everything I have planned for the month long celebration!

I’m not entirely sure where my love of party planning started, but I’ve been doing it for years. I can even remember many “Christmas parties” that were jointly planned with my sister where we put together a party just for my parents using our stuffed animals. It was a Christmas Eve tradition for years.

My love for saving money and finding bargains started when I was young as well. We would receive $20 a week for allowance and I learned quickly how to stretch my allowance to make the most of it. Party planning can get expensive pretty quickly if you don’t budget and watch your money. The tips below will help you have a fabulous party without breaking the bank.

1. Center everything around a theme.
This can be as simple as selecting colors or as extravagant as theming everything around an event or character. I find that a theme helps tie everything together. Pinterest is the perfect place for inspiration. Simply type in the name of the event you’re planning and things you like. You’ll be surprised how many things come up!

2. Select two or three colors to keep things streamlined.
If you start looking at expensive parties, you’ll notice that they have one major thing in common – there are consistent colors throughout the decorations. If you picked a theme, make sure that your colors match up with the theme. These colors will play an important part in saving you money later (see tip #4)!

3. Browse bargain stores.
I suggest browsing dollar stores and bargain stores before you settle on a theme and colors. If they don’t have any products that will go with your theme, then it’s going to get rather expensive. I also suggest looking at these stores before settling because they could be a source of inspiration for you!

4. Buy colored utensils and paper products.
If you’re buying throwaway products for your party, I recommend staying away from the cutesy products (or selectively using them). While they are cute and may even tie in with your theme, it’s not necessary to spend the extra money on them. Instead, buy paper products that match your theme colors and use those. They will still match with the party and you won’t have wasted extra money for a cute picture on a plate that’s going to be thrown away. Save that extra money for cute decorations that will make the party more fun.

5. Browse your house.
Check around your house for items that you can use. If you’re theming the party around something you like, then there’s a good chance that you have decorations around your house. (For example, I have plenty of nautical décor to support a beach party without spending a lot of extra cash.)

6. Consider repurposing items.
As your browsing your house, think of ways that you can use things in new ways. Instead of buying a flower vase, repurpose a tin car or mason jar that you already have. Add a crafty touch and your repurposed item could be more memorable than an expensive vase. If the party is for your kids, involve them in the crafting process for an added dose of flare!

7. Borrow when you can.
Several of the items we used in our wedding decorations were borrowed from friends and family, including the hay bales, archway, and mason jars. In fact, I think almost all of our wedding decorations were borrowed – I guess we had that “something borrowed” covered pretty well! It definitely doesn’t hurt to check in with your friends to see what items they can lend you for your party.

What are your favorite party planning tips? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!  (Also – don’t leave the post quite yet – scroll to the bottom to discover a calendar of all the events coming to the blog in June!)

Since I can’t throw a real life party with all of the great friends and followers that I have met through Hodge Podge Moments, I’m throwing a month long online party on the blog! Click on the image below to get a printable (and clickable) calendar with all of the events, including the kick off party and giveaways, that will be happening in June. I also recommend subscribing to the newsletter because I will be announcing more events throughout the month and there will even be a newsletter subscriber gift at some point!ong