Another month is coming up which means it’s time for me to share a list of ideas for your blog posts! July is filled with holidays, summer, and more. A little stumped about what to write? Check out my ideas below to get those creative juices flowing!

Fourth of July

The first and most obvious topic of July is the holiday that falls during the first week. The 4th of July is the perfect opportunity to post about a variety of topics. It’s a family-oriented holiday filled with cookouts, fireworks, and other fun outdoor activities. Use the first week of July to highlight some of your favorite recipes, crafts, and activities for a fun, family-filled holiday celebration.


I mentioned the topic of summer quite a bit in my ideas post for June. In fact, I gave a rather extensive list of topics you could cover that relate to summer. The first day of summer was June 21, so July is definitely worthy of summer posts.


Once again, travel is popular in July. I mentioned this a little bit in June, but it still applies to July. Summer is a popular time for travel and moving. This makes it a hot topic to cover on your blog since people will be searching for ideas.

Back to School

August is the month for back to school for many people. That means thoughts of school start to creep into everyone’s mind by the end of July. It’s the perfect time to talk about back to school essentials, school fashion, lunches, and so much more. Basically if it’s school related, people will be looking for it.

Have a Little Fun

Get creative in July and have a little fun. One idea I can think of is celebrating “Christmas in July” or something else fun that you come up with. July starts the second half of the year and therefore is a great time to focus on organization (before people start back to school), planning, and a variety of other topics. Get creative with lists, recommendations, and other fun posts in July!

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