It’s a new month which means I’m bringing you a new list of ideas to write about on your blog. Normally, I share all of the holidays from Holiday Insights and how you can incorporate them on your blog. This month, I’m going to be more general in the ideas I give you.

I’m going to try to categorize these ideas as best I can, but don’t be surprised if I end up with an “Other” category at the end!


Let’s start with the obvious topic for June – summer. In fact, the first day of summer is June 20. Summer is such a broad topic though. How can you narrow it down to fit your blog?

Here’s a few ideas:
Summer fashion
Summer safety (sun, water, play, etc)
Picnics and cookouts (recipes galore!)
Things to do
Ways to entertain the kids
Continue learning through summer
Favorite products
Favorite summer reads (I love reading at the beach!)
Drinks to sip on
Summer music
Summer decorating ideas

You could probably fill up your entire June blog editorial calendar with posts just about summer.


Travel is another popular topic for summer. The weather is nice, the kids are out of school, and tourist attractions are booming. There are so many people travelling in June that it’s a great time to share your tips and tricks on your blog.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:
What to pack
What to wear
How to stick to a budget
Favorite places
Keep the kids entertained
Where to eat
Virtual Tour Across America (if you’re interested in guest posting)
Get your car ready
Modes of transportation
How to eat on the road

Father’s Day

I know I said this post wasn’t going to focus on holidays, but there is a big holiday in June that we shouldn’t over look – Father’s Day. Father’s Day is on June 19 this year and it’s the perfect time to write a post dedicated to the men in our lives.

Here’s a few topic ideas:
Why your dad is great
In Memory Of
Things to buy dad
Things to do with dad
How to show dad love


I have to give food it’s own category for June. Even if you’re not a food blogger, there are lots of ways to bring food into your blog this month. Summer brings picnics, cookouts, bbqs, and many other get-togethers involving food. I feel like food is all around you during the summer as people enjoy the outdoors.

Ways to include it on your blog:
What to wear to a cookout
What to bring
What to pack for a picnic
Foods that will keep you cool
How your kids can help in the kitchen
Summer snacks
Food themed items to buy


I told you there’d be an other category!

Here’s a few other ideas:
4th of July
Things to do
Moving tips (Summer is a popular time to move due to school schedules.)
Personal celebrations (Blogiversary for me!)

What will you be writing about in June? If you use one (or more) of these ideas for a post, please share it with me on Twitter! I’d love to read it. 🙂

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