Life has been pretty crazy lately. Since we’re buying a house with this cross country move, the process is a lot more time consuming and our day to day situation is a lot less predictable – hence the lack of consistency lately. Even though I haven’t been able to write and publish posts, I have been doing plenty of off the computer work towards the blog including brainstorming and plotting out some major projects. (Look for a lot of news coming in August about a variety of new and old projects.)

I’m really excited about buying a house this move. After living in a TINY apartment for the past two years, I’m beyond thrilled at the concept of having space and room to do some of the Do-It-Yourself projects that I’ve been pinning over the years.

The house we’ve started the buying process for is actually the thing that inspired my choice of features this week. You see, the new house has a good size kitchen and I was just sitting here wondering if there’d be room for an island in the kitchen. Imagine my excitement when I went to read the posts that linked up last week and there was one about a do-it-yourself kitchen island!

I’m really excited that Tarah linked up her post this week! It gave me the opportunity to check out her blog and I must say that I’m in love with it! She has lots of projects, before and afters, and other topics that will be inspirational after we move into the new place. I will definitely be coming back to her blog in the future!