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Today I’m sharing a fun craft that is so easy, inexpensive, and doesn’t take long to make! Yarn scrap flip flops! I first made them quite a few years ago when my mom suggested I make something for our church craft fair. The little girls all wanted a pair and they were gone very fast! So, I’d call them a craft success! Haha! Here’s how to make them: You need yarn in your choice of colors flip flops scissors Here’s how to make them: Wrap some yarn around around your hand. You will need more than I used, but I only used that much to show the first step.

Cut the yarn into strips . You can use two colors or only one, but this is about how much you will need for one flip flop.

Tie yarn around each strap of the flip flop. You can alternate your colors or make them all solid. It is completely up to you! I alternated my colors.

I tied the yarn in a triple knot to make sure it was secure. Keep tying yarn around the straps of the flip flop until you have it covered.

Then trim the excess yarn off the ends. You don’t want to be sweeping the floor with them. Although that would be a good idea! Haha!

When you are done your new flip flops will look like this:

I got so many people asking where I got mine and when I told them that I made them they were so amazed! I even told a few moms how to make them for their daughters! Thanks so much to Pam for letting me share this craft tutorial with you! I love showing off things I have made and being able to share how I made them makes it even better! Don’t forget to check me out at Random Crafty Georgia Girl!