Fridays are the perfect day to reflect on the week, don’t you think? And when I say reflect, I mean it’s the perfect time to focus on the positive things that happened during the week. It’s not the time to dwell on the bad. And that’s why I came up with this new link up that will encourage you to focus on happy moments that occurred during the week. After all, I bet you had at least one happy moment!

Before I get into the details of how this link up is going to work, I first want to start with a very special announcement. I’ve teamed up with a group of fantastic bloggers (more details about which ones next week!) to create a challenge that we’re calling Project Build Happiness.  It’s all about finding and creating happiness in your life.

The official challenge (along with freebies, activities, and so much more) will take place in August, but for now, we want to encourage you to start using the hashtag #projectbuildhappiness to share your happy moments with others. We’ll be featuring our favorite images, quotes, and more at the Hodge Podge Moments Instagram account.

Happiness isn’t something that finds you. It’s something that you’re in complete control of and we want to encourage you to build happiness in your own life in the month of August. Until then, we want you to start using #projectbuildhappiness. We also want you to check back next week for more details about the challenge and how to sign up.

Let’s kick things off with a weekly link up of happy moments. With this link up, you can link up anything that made you happy during the week. It can be a blog post you wrote, an Instagram snapshot, or even a tweet that was amazing. The only limit is that you need to be the owner of the link you share. We also ask that you only share one link a week so that everyone has a chance to link up something happy.