It’s the start of a new month! That means it’s time to check in on our goals from June before we set new ones for July. Don’t forget to link up your goals at the end of this post so that I can check out what’s on your list!

Let’s take a look at last month’s goals:

June Goals

Life Goals:
1. Organize important papers for the move.
2. Create new long term goals.
3. Gather birthdays for my calendar. (I want to start sending out cards the old fashioned way.)
Fitness Goals:
1. Exercise 5 times a week.
2. Eat healthy 80/20 (even while moving).
3. Create Summer Strong challenge for Healthy Moments.
Hodge Podge Moments Goals:
1. Work on super secret project set up.
2. Host a successful Blogiversary.
3. Update the design and layout of the blog.
The Coastie Couple Goals:
1. Continue to schedule and promote the Virtual Tour.
2. Establish goals for after the tour.
As you can see above, I accomplished some of my goals but not all of them. I was derailed from a few of my goals by major life news, including dates and details for our big summer move across the country. We’ll be moving July 6 which means I’m going to keep my goals to a minimum for this month.
July Goals
1. Start the process of buying a house
2. Visit family
3. Maintain my planner and to do lists
4. Post on HPM four times a week
5. Continue the Virtual Tour
6. Make a plan for August-December
7. Be as healthy as possible during the moving process!
What are your goals for July? I’d love to see them linked up below!