I’ve had a case of “moving brain” lately (that’s a thing, right?) and completely forgot about my monthly blog post ideas post. I’ve kept with this series all year and I don’t want to miss this month! In fact, I’ve got a little surprise for this series coming in another month or two – it’s a free printable that you won’t want to miss!

August doesn’t have any major holidays to note – even my monthly calendar doesn’t show anything special for any of the days. Don’t fret though – there’s still plenty of things you can blog about this month.

Back to School
August is prime back to school season. Some schools start back early in July while others wait until September to start. However, most schools across the nation start the new year sometime in August. This is the perfect time to blog about anything school related – first day of school, school supplies, picking the right bag, easy lunch ideas, and so much more.  Take a few moments to write down anything related to the topic of school and see what post ideas you can come up with.

A lot of people associate August with the end of summer because school is starting back. However, the true end of summer doesn’t happen until late in September. This means August is still a hot month filled with opportunity to write about ways to keep cool.

August is the perfect month to write about your favorite books for two reasons. The first reason is people often associate books with school and it’s back to school season. The second is that August 9 is National Book Lover’s Day. Why not dust off your books and write a review, favorites list, or additional post on the topic!

Autumn is right around the corner. In fact, I’ve seen a lot of people getting excited about pumpkins, apples, and many other fall themed items. You may come across a little eager, but you could definitely start blogging about autumn this month. I’d wait until closer to September though myself.

Local Events
Local events are always a great thing to write about on your blog. People love seeing what different cities and towns have to offer. August is still a popular month for festivals and outdoor activities since the weather is nice. Attend a few of your local events and share about them on your blog or social media!

August may not have any major holidays, but there are plenty of lesser known holidays that you can use as inspiration. Check out this list from Holiday Insights for some of the smaller holidays you (and your readers) might not know about.

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