Another new month is right around the corner (quite literally since tomorrow is September!). This means it’s time for me to share my list of ideas for your blog posts in September. This is one of my favorite posts of the month because I love brainstorming and coming up with new ideas. I also love helping people and this is the perfect way to combine those two loves! I hope you get at least one idea from the list.

My first two thoughts for September are always back to school and autumn. There’s a lot more to the month than just that though and you’ll see that reflected in the list below. I will say that it’s a bit of a tricky month. In some parts of the country, it’s still hot and very much summer, while other parts are starting to cool down in anticipation of autumn. No matter which part of the country you life in, don’t forget to keep in mind that your readers come from all over!

Back to School
I touched on this topic quite a bit in the post for August ideas, but it’s important to include it again in September. Some schools start back in August while others wait until September for various reasons. This means back to school posts about outfits, hacks, lunches, and so much more are still relevant in the month of September (and some are relevant throughout the school year). So, crack out those school supplies and start writing!

Back to College
This topic is very similar to the back to school topic but also opens up room to talk about dorm room décor, tips for making friends, and best study practices. Late August and early September is a popular time for colleges to start so it’s also the perfect time to share your tips for new and experienced college students.

September marks the start of Autumn. People start talking about pumpkin spice everything and the trees start to change colors. This is the perfect month to share your favorite soup recipes and layered outfits since people will be looking for new ideas and inspiration. (Or they might just be pinning things because they can’t wait for that cooler weather!) Pick out a few of your favorite autumn items and theme a post around them. It’s also the perfect time to talk about change as the seasons shift from one to another and the leaves take on new colors of their own.

Labor Day
Do you work or know someone who works? Then Labor Day is the holiday for you since it’s all about honoring working people. Many people get the day off, which also makes it the perfect time for cookouts and family gatherings. It also tends to mark the end of summer as a date that most waterparks and pools close their doors until the following year. Take advantage of this holiday and share your favorite recipes and end of summer tips on your blog.

September 11
There’s not a lot that I can say on this topic because it’s a topic that everyone has a different connection with. I did feel that it was a date worth mentioning for the month of September. You could share your story or offer remembrance for those who lost their lives on this date. If you choose to mention this holiday on your blog or social pages, please do it with respect and remember that it’s a hard date for a lot of people.

With the start of autumn at the end of the month and Johnny Appleseed’s birthday somewhere towards the end of the month (September 26 to be exact), it’s the perfect time for harvest posts – think pumpkins, apples, corn, etc. Look around in your area for fall festivals and other harvest activities that you can use for blog post inspiration. Don’t forget to include the flannel somewhere as well!

Talk Like a Pirate
This one is a little random but I felt like it was worth a mention for two reasons. The first reason is that lots of people like pirate things. The second is that our anniversary is September 19, which also happens to be Talk Like a Pirate Day. Since this is a fun, random holiday that occurs in September, why not use it for a little blog post inspiration? You could even use it as an excuse to get a jump on those Halloween posts that you know I’m going to recommend in the October list.

Don’t forget to look for inspiration everywhere and I hope you have fun writing your September posts! Feel free to share any posts I’ve inspired or additional post ideas in the comments below!

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