Hello everyone, I’m Nora from The Petite Mrs-a lifestyle and everyday marriage blog. If you haven’t stopped by or followed me on social media yet I’d love if you did! It’s been a long week of hot sticky weather here in Oregon which we are not used to- at all. I am here from The Petite Mrs blog to share a couple of my favorite blogs that are new to me. 


I really enjoyed reading these and I’ve shared these great posts from each of them I think you should check out. I always like to find new blogs I can dive into and read through not only current posts but I skip around their archives too.


and another honorable mention, in case you missed her I always read her posts

Everything on her blog is just, amazing! You can find lots of healthy life and happy marriage type of posts here. She compiles a lot of easy to follow list type posts that are very accurate and applicable to your life. I always find them informative and super helpful! I have a ton of her posts saved in my email and on pinterest- so if you don’t follow her go find her now.

Well I hope you liked my compilation of these blogs that I think are great “possibly undiscovered” reads! If you know of some other great blogs (that are smaller hidden gems) please tell me below.