It’s been quite a while since I posted my monthly goals on the blog. I’ve still been writing them, I’ve just been holding myself accountable in different ways. After reading monthly goals on several different blogs (including Wandering Forevermore, Burke Does, and The Petite Mrs), I decided that it was time to share mine once again for added accountability! So, here goes – all of the things I intend to accomplish in September!

August Goals Check In

[x] Blog MWFS on Hodge Podge Moments
[x] Finish up the summer edition of the Virtual Tour Across America
[  ] Create a business plan
[x] Promote and prepare for #projectbuildhappiness
[x] Outline editorial calendars for September

As you can see, I did pretty well with my goals for August! I kept them simple on purpose because I knew that I wouldn’t have a lot of wifi time. I honestly didn’t expect to be able to pull off sticking to my blogging schedule, but I did. In fact, I posted 3-4 times on both blogs in the month of August which was a huge accomplishment!

September Blogging Goals
[  ] Establish a work schedule for myself
[  ] Create a business plan & timeline with smaller goals
[  ] Work on getting ahead on posts (half of October done)
[  ] Set up The Blogger Connection & return to monthly Blogger PJ Parties
[  ] Update the layout for Hodge Podge Moments
[  ] Create content library for subscribers
[  ] Fill in editorial calendars for October

September Social Media Goals
[  ] Increase all platforms (T, P, I, F) by 50 followers
[  ] Set up a social media plan
[  ] Schedule social media every week using plan
[  ] Update Boardbooster
[  ] Send out weekly newsletter

September Life Goals
[  ] Finish deep clean of the house
[  ] Finish the process for Michigan teaching certificate
[  ] Train Mr. Gibbs
[  ] Organize our belongings
[  ] Set up office space
[  ] Plan my parents visit
[  ] Decide on wall colors
[  ] Decide on carpet
[  ] Start planning the nursery
[  ] Start working on new budget

September Self Care Goals
[  ] Exercise 30 minutes each day (prenatal yoga & walking)
[  ] Finish current books
[  ] Read one new book
[  ] Evaluate commitments

What are your goals for September? I know we’re partway through the month but it’s never too late to share them!