I often wonder each year how many of the gifts I give are later discarded or donated because they weren’t very useful gifts. As a result, I’ve been working towards more meaningful and useful gifts. I want the gifts I give to be unique and exciting. I want them to be things people will use. And of course, I don’t want them to break the bank. I thought I’d share five unique gift ideas I’ve come up with to help with this problem.

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Everyone has that list of people for gift giving. Most people also have a budget they’d like to stick to while they’re shopping but they still want to find the perfect gift. Check out my five unique gift ideas – one of them might just be the perfect fit for your list and budget!

Create a Pamper Kit
I bet the first thing that came to mind when you read this one was a kit filled with bubble bath and candles. While that is a great kit, pampering can go beyond just the bath. In fact, I recommend thinking beyond the bath to make it a personal gift. Think about the person receiving the gift. What are their hobbies and passions? How can you make them a cute gift that reflects this? Maybe they’re into cooking and you want to get them a personalized apron and kitchen gadgets. Or maybe they’re into a fitness – a shaker bottle and headband could be the perfect fit. Put a little thought into it and pull together a personal gift they’ll enjoy.

Create a Year of Kit
This one has so many possibilities! You could do a Year of Dates, Year of Self Care, Year of Quotes, or Year of Movies. Once again, think about the person and find something that fits their needs. This one involves a little creativity on your part, but I have faith that you can do it! You can store the ideas in a binder, envelope, or even a calendar. If you’re a little stuck on ideas, Pinterest is always a great help with creative projects.

Gift an Experience
This is probably one of my favorite gift ideas! Pick out something that they enjoy doing or have always wanted to do and give them the gift of experience instead. It could be a great Groupon that you’ve found or a membership to a local attraction that they love. There’s also movie nights, dinners out, and other experiences that can be given through gift cards. I recommend including a cute note with the intent behind the gift card rather than just handing over a gift card! (For example, treat yourself to a movie on me!)

Make a Gift
The love and care that goes into a homemade gift always makes them special! I’m not going to lie – homemade items are much harder for me to get rid of than store bought items. This is another moment where it’s important to think about the gift recipient. Make sure that whatever you make will be useful for them. This is also another spot where Pinterest can greatly help you out with ideas and tutorials! (Here’s a Christmas themed crafts to get you started.)

Surprise Them!
This one is a bit harder to pull off. However, if you can pull it off, then I guarantee it’ll be the best present ever! If you live far from family or will be apart from them for any reason, try and see if you can work in a surprise visit. I guarantee the memory created from this will be better than any gift you could get them! Along that same note, think of other ways you can create memories with your family and friends instead of giving gifts. Themed holiday nights are a perfect way to create memories!

I’d love to hear your ideas and stories about unique gift ideas in the comments below!

Bump Update

Week? 27 weeks

Gender? boy

Size? cauliflower

Movement? Quite often and sporadically. He loves reminding me of his presence when I’m trying to relax or fall asleep.

Bump? There and growing!

Maternity Clothes? Pretty much the only thing that’s comfortable. Looking into a winter capsule wardrobe to make my sweaters and long sleeve shirts stretch further.

Stretch Marks? Not entirely sure – thought I saw a few forming on the bottom of my bump but the husband said no.

Belly button in or out? Still in!

Cravings? None really but you can still follow my meals and workouts on Abs & Anchors on Instagram or Facebook. I have a free 12 Days of Fitmas group coming up soon!

Symptoms? Still lots of growing pains. I’m having a harder time handling stress and emotions as well.

Mood? Slightly stressed – working on finding balance.

What are you missing? I miss being able to eat lunch meat without heating it up.

Highlight of the week? We’re getting our new carpet today and the husband is almost finished with the painting!

Looking forward to? Going to Charleston in December to visit family. They’ll be hosting my baby shower while I’m there.

– Picture coming soon: Our house is filled with carpet people right now. –