As we get closer to December, people are starting to ask each other what they want for Christmas. I’ve had several family members asking already and thought I’d go ahead and put together a list. I would love to hear what’s on your list at the end of this post!

P.S. There’s also a bump update at the very end of this post!

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This Christmas, it’s a bit more difficult to come up with a list. My mind keeps going to baby items that I want but I’m trying to keep my list focused on me and not the baby. He’ll have his moment to shine at the baby shower. Trust me – it’s not easy to figure out what I want when there’s so many things I want for him.

As I made this list, I tried to keep in mind that it’s a wish list. Bit items are okay but I certainly don’t expect to get them. I also kept in mind that I should include items from all price ranges. (P.S. For family and friends reading this list, many of these are ideas – variations are welcome!)

So, here’s my list! It’s in no particular order and filled with a variety of things. Feel free to click on any of the pictures to go straight to the item!

Dr. Teal’s Espom Salts & Matching Lotion

One of the things I’m looking forward to after the baby is born is taking a relaxing bath. Our master bedroom has a gigantic tub (seriously – it’s a small pool!) and I haven’t taken the plunge to use it yet due to pregnancy and temperature regulations. I know a soak won’t happen immediately after giving birth but it’s definitely on the postpartum self care list.


Blanket Scarf

I had one of these in my hands at Target one day and put it back instead of buying it. Now, I’m wishing I had bought it because it would be perfect for our Michigan winters and for travelling in the fall and winter. I love the versatility of these scarves and do eventually want to get one – so why not put it on my list?

I’m slowly working on replacing the plastic in our kitchen with glass for several reasons – including durability. We currently seem to have lost our plastic liquid measuring cup so it seems like the perfect item to add to the list!

Glass Storage Containers

This one directly relates to the previous item on the list. Our dishes are glass; however, our storage containers are still prominently plastic. I have replaced a few of them here and there but figured a wish list might be the perfect place to get replacements for a few more!


This is the priciest item that I’m including on my wish list. I finally have room to craft and I’ve always wanted to try my hand at personalizing things with a cutting machine.
Sweaters & Cardigans
I used to own a lot of sweaters. Then, I moved to California and in one of my purging escapades, I donated a lot of my sweaters. They weren’t being used and they were taking up a lot of space in our tiny apartment. Now that we’re in Michigan, I could use those sweaters! I’ve included a few examples below but basically I’m looking for oversized, warm sweaters and ones that will work well post-baby for breastfeeding.
Leggings & Yoga Pants
I know these are going to be handy for comfort after the baby is born. I could also use a few fleece lined maternity versions for January and February.
Gift Cards
As boring as they may be, gift cards are always welcome as well. I love buying books for my Kindle from Amazon. Gift cards are also helpful when it comes to buying clothing.
What’s on your Christmas list? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!
If you’d like to see my updated list, you can view it here anytime. (I figured a wish list on Amazon would allow me to update it at any time!)

Bump Update

Week? 26 weeks

Gender? boy

Size? bowling pin

Movement? Randomly throughout the day. I actually start to worry if I don’t feel him.

Bump? Definitely there – had the first stranger ask when I’m due. Luckily no random belly rubs yet.

Maternity Clothes? Living in them and pajamas. Barely able to fit in my tops. Going to need more long sleeve maternity tops soon!

Stretch Marks? Maybe tiny ones – couldn’t really tell.

Belly button in or out? In! The husband keeps checking and teasing me about it!

Cravings? I started focusing on healthier eating this week due to elevated glucose levels and most of my cravings seem to have mostly subsided. The other day, I did have a craving for veggies and ended up with over half my meal as veggies! If you’d like to see what I’m eating, you can follow along at Abs & Anchors on Instagram or Facebook!

Symptoms? Lots of growing pains and hormonal moodswings.

Mood? All over the place. We’ve had some extra stresses this month and I’m finding it harder to keep a level, calm head while pregnant.

What are you missing? I miss being able to turn over in bed. I typically toss and turn at night and it’s getting harder and harder to do.

Highlight of the week? Rachel came to visit from California. I had a lot of fun showing her around the area! The dogs loved her as well. 🙂

Looking forward to? Getting new carpet next Friday! Then, I can start putting the house together finally!