It’s Sunday, which means it’s time for another Bloggy Brunch! If you’re not familiar with Bloggy Brunch, it’s a chance for bloggers to link up a favorite post and find new blogs to read. The link up started in January of 2016 and has grown since then!

Life has been crazy this past week. There were unexpected changes, doctor’s appointments, and lots of organizing going on. I’m happy to say that I finally found my path for 2017 and started down it this week. I’ll be unveiling more as we go along but let’s just say things seem to be falling into place for now. Until I make further announcements, I’d like to share some of the big things that happened this week:

I launched my new health and fitness blog, Abs & Anchors. This is a project that has been poking at me for quite a while and I finally took a leap at it. If you head over to visit it, you’ll notice that it’s much simpler than my other blogs. A large part of this is because I’m using it for accountability and sharing the things I learn. It’s meant to be more of a side project than anything.

I started working on the updates that I have planned for Hodge Podge Moments. If you take a look around while you’re visiting today, you’ll notice that things are slowly changing. If you’re new here today, please understand that the blog is undergoing a bit of construction in 2017.

The husband is returning to The Coastie Couple and will once again be contributing posts! This is something exciting for both of us since the blog was originally started to be a reflection of our life together. Deployments and work adjustments sometimes get in the way though. He has a fun antiquing tutorial going live this week!

That’s the big highlights when it comes to blogging and right now, a large part of my life revolves around getting the blogs ready for Baby Boy’s arrival. In terms of my personal life, I’ve been working on decluttering and organizing the house. We also are continuing to prepare for the arrival of our newest addition – who should be joining us sometime next month!

Every week, we do our best to feature at least one post that stood out. Each host picks a post on their own and then features it on their blog. Some weeks, the choice is too hard and we end up featuring more than one post. Let’s see who made the spotlight this week!

This week, I’d like to feature Trendy & Tidy for their post: How to Tidy Your Budget for the New Year. This post is a great read if you’re looking to make some changes to your financial situation in the new year. We sat down and had the budget talk before the calendar changed to 2017 and I highly recommend taking the time to do so.

This past week we had a lot of great blogs link up and I’d like to recognize a few other posts that I enjoyed:

25 Things I Learned in 2016 (California Scrappin)

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And now…it’s time to link up below! I can’t wait to see what you choose to share this week!