Today’s #LovingMyselfMeans post is a bit different than normal because it’s a guest post. Seeking out guest posts for busy seasons of life is just one way that I show myself some love. I knew this month would be chaotic and therefore, I sought out a few guest posts to fill in the gaps. I’m beyond excited to bring you today’s post from Inspire the Best You. (It even fits in perfectly with this month’s theme of self love!)

You are unique! No one else has what you have to offer, in the way you have to offer it. That is why it is so important for you to be true to yourself and be the best you that you can be. In a world with so much noise and negativity, we need to focus more on what we have to offer that will make our own world better. Achieving this means being true about who we are and what we are capable of. I have learned recently that we all have something to offer and that we are also much more capable of doing it than we ever imagined possible. You are strong and capable of doing anything you set your mind to, and don’t ever forget that. My advice is to…

Stop worrying about what others think and say.
This is easier said than done and I am well aware of that as someone who has always cared a little too much about what others thought and said around me. It’s difficult to tune out what others think or say sometimes, but so important for our mental wellbeing. As long as you’re being the best you that you can be, then the negative nellies and naysayers out there in the world won’t have anything on you! Take what others say with a grain of salt. Choose to let it to fuel you, or for you to improve on your own terms.

Never apologize for being yourself.
You don’t ever have to apologize for being yourself. That isn’t to say that you should go around saying whatever is on your mind or hurting others. Be yourself, but also be kind and considerate. You are meant to be whoever God wants you to be and that’s what matters most. So don’t apologize to anyone for being true to yourself.

Focus on the things that you’re naturally drawn to.
Whatever you’re naturally drawn to says a lot about you. These are the things that you can’t escape from no matter how hard you try because they will always be on your mind. What are your talents, skills, and positive personality traits that can be used to better your own or someone else’s life? Those are the things that are so wonderful to pursue! You can use these things to help others or to create a better life for yourself, or whatever you are being called to do.

Be confident in your own intentions and purpose.
Hold your head up high when pursuing your true intentions and the purpose you feel called to fulfill. You are being called to do whatever it is for a reason. You can achieve so much when you don’t deny your purpose and when you set intentions to accomplish certain tasks. Make sure not to talk yourself down from pursuing these purposes, or to criticize yourself too harshly!

Follow your passions.
What you are most passionate about is always very much worth it! Those passions were placed in your heart for a reason. Do what is necessary, within reason, to follow your passions. It may mean acquiring more education, traveling, pursuing a specific job, or getting more experience. It will pay off in the end and you will feel satisfied for not giving up on yourself!

Be a positive and uplifting person for yourself.
Don’t ever put yourself down. Instead, be positive and uplifting by giving yourself compliments and pats on the back for your accomplishments. Keep reminding yourself that you can do whatever you set your mind to! Sometimes things take time to happen or to become visible to us. That’s perfectly okay. Be patient and lift yourself up everyday!

I have one last thought for you. Think about this, if you’re not going to be true to yourself, then who will you be true to? My personal philosophy is that if you’re not true even to yourself, then you won’t be much good to anyone else. So do your best and be honest in what you can and cannot do, while still pushing the limits to see what you’re capable of.

6 Ways to Be True to Yourself – By Bonnie McConaughy –

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