Happy February everyone! I’m really excited for this month for two reasons. The first is that we’re expecting the arrival of our little boy any day now. The second is that I’m working with Raewyn to bring you the #LovingMyselfMeans challenge. This challenge is jam packed with activities, prompts, and more to help you show yourself a little extra love.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect this month:
– Activities and discussions related to self love
– Blog posts every Wednesday centered around self love
– A self love link up (see the bottom of this post!)
– A surprise giveaway happening later this month in the community

To get all of these great goodies, please join Hodge Podge Moments and Shield Sister Sanctuary.

Loving myself means taking the time for self reflection. Last year, I did a goals and intention post every month for accountability. This year, I’m turning it around a little and doing a self reflection post where I reflect on the month and share a little about my focus for the following month. Feel free to use these questions for your own reflection! (If you do, let me know – I’d love to read your responses!)

What was your focus in January?
My focus in January was persistence. I was focused on getting ahead so that I can enjoy February and the new life that it’s expected to bring. I picked “persistence” as my focus word because I knew it was going to take a lot of persistence to overcome some of the obstacles of the third trimester.

What did you accomplish in blogging/business in January?
1. I managed to stick to my blogging schedule all month long.
2. I lined up several guest bloggers for February.
3. I started reorganizing Hodge Podge Moments.

What did you accomplish in your personal life in January?
1. I set up the nursery.
2. I finished setting up the office/guest room.
3. I read one book.

What was something you changed in January?
I changed my mind on trying to accomplish a few of my goals. I realized that I needed to be realistic about what I could accomplish and therefore pushed back a few items that I had on my list.

How did you show yourself love in January?
I listened to the cues that my body was giving a lot this month. There were days when little to nothing got done because I was in pain or moving slow due to the third trimester of pregnancy. I tried really hard to give myself grace instead of grief during these days. In the end, that grace helped me to be more productive when my body was feeling up to it.

What will be your focus in February?
My focus in February will be family. In many ways, I will be taking a break from blogging and pursuing business ideas. If I work on blogging or biz at all, it will be leisurely and because I want to. We have a lot of family coming in to visit after our little one is born and I want to be able to enjoy that time. In addition, my husband and I will be navigating the world of new parents and I want to be able to do this without guilt over other commitments.

I hope you’ll check back in with me at the beginning of March to see how February went. Don’t forget to let me know if you use the questions for your own reflection!

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