Happy Hump Day! It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for another post on self love in honor of the #LovingMyselfMeans challenge. Want all of the goodies and details? Head on over to Hodge Podge Moments: The Community and Shield Sister Sanctuary for more information! Then, come back and check out this simple, easy way to show yourself a little extra love this month!

Loving myself means recognizing and focusing on my good attributes rather than my bad attributes. Sometimes this means a visual display as a reminder. Seriously – sometimes you have to display your greatness in order to remember it. You could do this with a collage, a picture, or in some other form. Today, I’m sharing the steps for making your own self love banner to remind yourself of how great you are!

1. Start by cutting out several hearts. I like to freehand my hearts, but you could always use clipart or a stencil if you want them to all be the same.

2. On each heart, write one great thing about yourself. (If you need help with this, please ask in the community for ideas!) It doesn’t have to be a long note – something as simple as “You have nice hair!” can go a long way as a reminder.

3. Optional: Decorate the hearts with stickers, glitter, markers, cut outs, etc

4. Hang a piece of twine in a prominent place. (Other options: yarn, ribbon, rope, etc)

5. Using clothespins, hang up one love note each day as a reminder of how great you are.

6. Keep hanging a new love note until you’ve made it through them all. The great part about this project is that it can last as long as you’d like it to!

Other ideas to add to the banner: photos, love notes in other shapes, momentos. notes from others, etc. Basically, anything that makes you smile can be added to the banner using clothespins. You can also switch out and rotate the objects on a regular basis to make it stretch further as well.

I would love to see your self love banner after you make it! Don’t forget to share them on social media with the hashtag #lovingmyselfmeans.

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