It’s another Monday, which means it’s time to see who is being featured this week in Moments that Matter! Today, I’m bringing you a story from Tiffany Amber. She’s here talking about societal norms, shame, and letting go of fear. I hope you’ll find her post as inspiring as I did!

Societal norms dictate a great deal of what we do in life. These norms affect how we style our hair, the things we say, what we support and believe in, and so much more. Of course, they exist for a reason and have their place in culture, but do they ever hold us back? I believe so. My entire life changed the day I let go of societal expectations.

Shame is a great deterrer for ambitious people. It was for me, even. I used to be so afraid of people judging me that I decided not to create anything at all. This persisted for much of my life and up until the moment that I decided to not let my fears deter me, I could not express myself creatively much at all. When a creative decides to abandon all doubts, the possibilities for greatness increase dramatically. Who knows how many different inventions and artistic pieces have been lost to the presence of shame in society? Who knows how much more advanced the culture we are immersed in could be today if things were structured differently than they are?

Shame is truly something that held me back; the day that I decided to ignore it and let it go, so many opportunities came up . Don’t let it determine whether or not you decide to chase your dreams and do that what you want to . I think that the idea of other people looking down on us or criticizing what we do when we’re living wholeheartedly is really restrictive. It shuts down both our creativity and our ability to live freely and confidently. Think about it like this- if you live life and you’re not being your true self you’re not living the way that you would want to you’re not going to attract the right people. The people who hang out with you and are friends with you are not going to be that with your true self and are not going to really like you; they’re going to like your representation of who you are. When you take down the false image, the illusion, you allow yourself to bring in the right people who are going to like you for who you are and they’re going to like your ideas. You’ll find that people support you and what you believe in because you are being authentic. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable and exposed to the world, it can be scary but it’s also extremely rewarding. There is an appeal to baring it all in that when you do you allow yourself to be fully appreciated, fully seen.

The way that shame affects us all has really driven me to do what I do today. I strive to help others fulfill their purpose and to express themselves regardless of outside judgment. Everyone has the same amount of potential. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. However, not everyone has the same environment and resources to begin with. It’s important to note, though, initial resources and environment do not determine one’s future completely. There’s always opportunity for change and advancement. There’s always opportunities for progress. Hello it’s opportunity for new dreams and new ways of living. In the moment that I decided to stop letting shame control me, I’ve made it my mission to help others realize this; I won’t stop trying to inspire and educate others because of trivial criticisms, and I hope that you won’t let others stop you.

About the Author
Tiffany Amber is an author, blogger, and youtuber who helps others live their best lives, creating actionable content for the ambitious. Find her on twitter and instagram. Get a FREE self-care checklist here.