When I first came up with the Moments that Matter series, I thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce my readers to some phenomenal and inspiring women. What I didn’t count on was making so many great connections along the way. Today’s post is no exception – after reading it, I signed up for Karen’s Facebook group that is focused on keeping it simple as a mom. It seemed like such a perfect fit after all!

Do YOU have time for what’s important?

It’s funny how the smallest of moments can cause the biggest changes in our lives. Those small ‘defining moments’ are the ones that make us who we are and often help us get super clear on what’s important to us.

For instance, several years ago, my youngest son was having health issues that I thought could be due to some food intolerances. He’d had some testing done but there weren’t any clear answers. So my dad gave me the great suggestion to keep a food journal.

Although, at the time I thought the suggestion was anything but great! My first thought, which I feel guilty admitting, was “I don’t have time for that!” And then I immediately thought, “What was I doing that was more important than my son’s health?” That was the moment.

I had chosen to stay-at-home with my three kiddos and build a business that fit around my family — I valued family — they were my #1 priority. So how did I think I didn’t have time to jot down a few things each day? What was I spending my time doing?

I realized I need to get clear on my priorities. When I slowed down for a minute, it allowed me to see that it was my choice how I was spending my time and energy. It also inspired me to figure out how I could do that in a way that was right for my family. Even if it meant ‘missing out’ on things (that were other people’s priorities) or doing things in unconventional ways.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life, but once I started making changes and simplifying our lives — eliminating distractions and being intentional about what I committed to — I realized I DO have time for what’s important to me.

Now, as a parent coach, I love helping moms find what’s possible beyond accepting the status quo or keeping up with the Joneses. I help them come up with a plan for how they can live according to their own values so they don’t get caught up in someone else’s world and feel unhappy and overwhelmed.

About the Author

Karen Delano is a preschool teacher, mother of three, and parenting coach. She works one-on-one with moms who are tired and stressed by constantly being pulled in too many directions. She helps them find balance so they can have a great relationship with their kids and be the mom they want to be. You can find her and learn how it can be simple at http://ifitweresimple.com/ or join the Facebook community at Simplicity Moms.