Mondays are normally reserved for the Moments that Matter series where I highlight amazing women and their stories. I don’t have one scheduled for today so I’m going to be using this space to talk about a moment that made a difference for me. In addition to talking about this moment, I’m also going to be sharing a sneak peek at the big project I’m working on.

It was the last month of pregnancy when I realized where my future was headed. I spent most of my pregnancy working on income avenues and focus so that I can stay home with Baby Fox (and future little ones). I came up with several ideas that fit with my personality and expertise but none of them felt quite right – even when I mapped out a plan for them. I simply wasn’t passionate or invested in most of the ideas for longer than a month or so. Until the end of pregnancy – that’s when the idea for Little Learning Moments hit and wouldn’t leave me alone. It combines my love of making connections online with teaching kids.

I was browsing Facebook (distraction central) when I saw a post from a parent that was looking for help with their child’s learning. They weren’t getting very far with their child’s teacher and was searching for help elsewhere. I offered up a little bit of advice and then it hit me – what if there was a place where parents could go with their questions and get answers? The seed was planted for Little Learning Moments and I spent the first month of motherhood thinking about it and growing the idea into something more.

Little Learning Moments will be a community on Facebook where parents, teachers, and other caregivers can come for activities, advice, and connection. Essentially, it will provide parents with a “village” to help them build learning moments in their day to day life. The focus will be on keeping things simple for the adult but fun for the kids. In addition to the community, I will eventually be offering customizable services and printables as well. To start out, the group is the focus.

The Little Learning Moments village will be launching on April 1 with a ten day reading challenge for kids and parents alike. The village will be open to anyone that is involved with educating children in any capacity. The group will feature activities and more for kids ages 0-10, which is where my teaching certification and experience are focused. I’m excited to say that I’m using my undergraduate and graduate degrees in ways that I never imagined!

Interested in getting more information about the launch of Little Learning Moments? Then, hop on over to the Facebook Page and like it now! I’ll be posting resources, updates, and eventually the link to the closed group that will become “The Village.”