When did May end and June begin? I feel like everything has been a bit of a blur lately when it comes to months and the days of the week. Today, Baby Fox is four months old, which means we’re officially out of the newborn phase. I guess I’m no longer a “new mom” anymore. To celebrate, I’m heading into June with optimism and determination as I set new goals for the month. I’ve tried my best to keep them simple since I’m still navigating time management as a mom. I’ve also focused on setting meaningful goals that align with what makes me happy.

This month I’m taking a slightly new approach to goals. I’m setting one big goal for the month and a smaller goal for each week of the month. Instead of mile long to do lists, I’m going to spend each week focused on one thing. I’m hoping this will help me manage my time in a better way. Time management as a mom is turning out to be a lot trickier than I anticipated!

Little Learning Moments
Grow the group to 100 members.
1. Set up weekly prompts & create business plan.
2.. Set up email list and finish “more than just laundry” opt-in.
3. Launch Summer Reading Scavenger Hunt.
4. Launch Item of the Week

Hodge Podge Moments
Return to consistent blogging. (2x a week)
1. Use naps everyday for at least one task.
2. Create a list of blog topics. (Get them all in one place!)
3. Create a social media plan.
4. Create a plan for the second half of the year.

The Coastie Couple
Finish Virtual Tour page and blog once a week.
1. Use naps everyday for at least one task.
2. Finish formatting of Virtual Tour page.
3. Add in current posts on the Virtual Tour page.
4. Promote Virtual Tour & look for additional collaborators.

Finish organizing the house.
1. Re-organize kitchen cabinets (especially storage containers).
2. Organize clothes for summer. Determine needs.
3. Organize papers.
4. Finish breezeway & organize craft cabinet.

Improve eating habits.
1. Start “vegetable of the week.” (See Instagram for more details!)
2. Meal plan all meals and track meals.
3. Prep food at the beginning of the week.
4. Create three or more healthy freezer meals.

Self Care
Organize social media.
1. Get email inboxes back under control. Unsubscribe as necessary.
2. Clean up Facebook groups.
3. Organize Pinterest.
4. Finish organizing Pinterest.

Get out of the house more.
1. Take Baby Fox to family story time at the library.
2. Go to the Renaissance Festival.
3. Go for a hike on a walking trail.
4. Check out a local park.

Have you set goals for June? I’d love to hear what you’re working towards in the comments below! If you have your own goals post, let me know – I’d love to check it out!