When did July sneak up on us? It seems like I was writing down my June goals just the other day. I made some progress towards my goals, but there’s still quite a few that need a little more work. So, I’ve incorporated them into my July goals. I tried to keep my goals really focused and manageable for this month because I want to accomplish a lot.

I believe in setting a few specific goals with actionable steps. This month, I chose five goals to work on and included four action steps for each goal. You’ll recognize a lot of the categories, but there is a new one added at the end – Book Moments with Pam. I’m excited to announce that I signed up to sell children’s books through Usborne Books & More. Baby Fox and I have enjoyed their books for a few months now so I finally made the leap into becoming a “Book Lady” and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about it! (If you want more information, please let me know!)

Increase pageviews by 1000+.
1. Follow editorial calendar.
2. Write and schedule posts for the week ahead of time.
3. Schedule social media when publishing posts.
4. Interact in Facebook share threads.

Create and start a home management plan.
1. Continue nightly pick up routine.
2. Create and implement a cleaning schedule.
3. Utilize family calendar and task list.
4. Organize important papers.

Personal Development
Find two hours a day to work on biz items.
1. Keep a to do lists of tasks to do when time is open.
2. Work on tasks during naptime.
3. Keep an accomplishment journal.
4. Read 2 business development books this month.

Self Care
Implement a regular workout routine. (3x a week)
1. Create workout calendar.
2. Utilize bedtime to do short workouts and stretching.
3. Make one workout a walk with Baby Fox.
4. Keep track of completed workouts.

Book Moments with Pam
Earn Success Kit #1.
1. Create business cards and bookmarks.
2. Book 3 parties in July.
3. Create a marketing plan (flyers, biz cards, bookmarks, snail mail, etc)
4. Create party SUCCESS plan.

Grab your copy of the goals printable that I used to plan my goals!

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