I’m big on goals and making plans to see neat things. I share my goals all the time on the blog, but I rarely share our things to do list. I thought I’d change that and start a new mini series. On the last Wednesday of every month, I’ll be sharing what’s on my to do list for the following month.

There are 30 days in September, which is how I decided on sharing 30 things to do in the month. While some of these are quite personal (our anniversary), others are very general (decorating for Halloween). I’m hoping that my list might inspire you to try something new in the month.

I’m keeping things simple for you today, so here’s the list of things I hope to do in September:

1. Celebrate 3 years of marriage.
2. Celebrate one year of home ownership.
3. Celebrate the adoption anniversary of Mr. Gibbs.
4. Find a new trail to explore.
5. Go to the Renaissance Faire.
6. Check out Blake’s Apple Orchard.
7. Decorate for Halloween.
8. Plan our trip to Arkansas.
9. Read two books.
10. Organize Baby Fox’s toys.
11. Start Christmas shopping.
12. Organize our closet and important papers.
13. Plan fall wardrobe.
14. Prepare blog posts for Write 31 Days.
15. Take a trip to the drive in theater.
16. Visit Formar Nature Preserve.
17. Explore a new town.
18. Take Baby Fox to the beach (at the lake) if weather permits.
19. Go to the first MOPS meeting of the fall!
20. Celebrate Read a Book Day. (September 6)
21. Make gifts for grandparents day. (September 10)
22. Sew something special. (To be revealed later…)
23. Decorate the office/guest room.
24. Try four new recipes.
25. Prepare for Octoberfest on The Coastie Couple blog.
26. Make a big purchase. (To be revealed later…)
27. Simplify our daily routines.
28. Go to the zoo. (We have a membership and go about once a month.)
29. Decide on holiday traditions to do with Baby Fox.
30. Organize the breezeway.

What sort of things are you planning to do in September?