This month is all about simplifying. Yesterday, I talked about my goals for the month, which focus on simplifying different aspects of my life. I decided to start the month off strong on Sunday by cleaning and reorganizing our bedroom. My goal is to go through this process in all of our rooms this month. I started with the master bedroom because it was long overdue. I forgot to take before pictures but I do have pictures of the finished product to share as I walk you through what I focused on in this room.

Our master bedroom is primarily used for one thing – sleep. Here lately, it had also become a place of storage for projects that were half finished. There was a container of winter clothes that need to go to the basement, Hubby’s guitar, laundry that needed to be put away, and baby clothes that needed to be filed into the correct bin amongst other things scattered around the room. Luckily, we have a rather large master bedroom. Unfortunately, this means that there’s lots of room for things to accumulate.

Goals with this room:
1. Relocate the half finished projects mentioned above.
2. Make the bed.
3. Clean off our nightstands.
4. Get rid of the pile of stuff on top of the dresser.
5. Return toys to their appropriate home.

We don’t have a fancy comforter and we rarely make the bed. I’d love to say that I’m going to start making the bed every day, but I doubt that will happen. I do make the bed after I clean, when guests are coming over, or when we leave on a trip. Something about a made up bed makes the room feel ten times cleaner.

One of the first things I did in the room was clean off the nightstands. Random items and papers had gathered on each side. My goal was to leave only the essential items and I accomplished this goal rather quickly. While I was focused on the nightstands, I also dusted them and made the bed.

This dresser had random clothes that were piled on top. Most of them were things that needed to be hung or put away. They had gathered here since time isn’t always a guarantee with a baby in the house. During my cleaning spree (Hubby was having fun with the baby), I put everything away and returned the dresser to it’s simple décor. The flowers in the picture are from our wedding and the owl is a jewelry holder that I need to start utilizing again.

The armoire was already rather picked up – there’s not really much room for things to gather on top of it. I still need to go through the inside and see if there’s anything that can be donated. In fact, all of our drawers and the closet is still on my list of projects to complete soon. Until then, I’m happy that the outside looks put together. (The inside isn’t a mess, but I know there’s probably things we no longer need.)

My dresser wasn’t the only one a mess. The chest of drawers (which houses Hubby’s clothes) was  also a bit of a mess. I cleaned up the top, putting things in the right place. Then, I brought in a bin from the living room to store some of Baby Fox’s toys in. We still have a pack and play in our room where I place him to play when I’m getting ready to go somewhere and it’s just the two of us.

At one point, this pack and play became a catch all for random things. I recently put an end to that and started using it more regularly. This is one of the ways I manage to get things done with a baby. Some days, he’ll play alone for a rather long time while other days, it’s a cry fest. Having a pack and play set up in our room helps a lot when it comes time to get ready to go somewhere – especially if Hubby is working and it’s just us.

I’m excited that our room is clean and organized again. When Hubby walked in right after I finished, he goes “It’s so empty!” I can tell you that my mood is much better in the mornings when I’m not navigating through a sea of half finished projects! I still have drawers and a closet to thoroughly organize in this room, but things are looking a whole lot better! My next step is keeping it picked up!

What do you love about your master bedroom? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!