Mornings can be a hectic time, which is why I’m working on creating a solid morning routine that works for me. I already have a slight night routine that I currently follow. I’m in the process of reevaluating this routine and have been thinking about the many ways that my night routine affects my morning routine. That’s why I’m bringing you some ideas to include in your night routine for a smoother morning.

My goal with my night routine is to keep things relaxed but helpful. I’ve found that when I pick things up and do a little prep the night before, I sleep better and wake up happier. Below, I’ve included just a few simple things that make my mornings a bit smoother. I’m not in the habit of doing all of these every night, but it’s certainly a habit that I’m working on improving.

Pick out your outfit.
I don’t know how much time I waste picking out what to wear. At one point, I started picking out my clothes the night before (or even all at once for the entire week). This saved me so much stress in the morning because I wasn’t standing in front of a closet deliberating for ten minutes.

Pack anything that you’ll need for a successful day.
When I was in school, I always packed my book bag the night before. This is a habit that my parents started with us and I’m so glad that they did. By packing the night before, I rarely showed up to school without the important items. This same principal can be applied to my adult life. There’s so many things that can be packed the night before – diaper bags, work bags, lunch, etc.

Prepare breakfast.
Breakfast is an important part of the morning. It’s also an easy part to brush past if you’re short on time. I like to decide on breakfast the night before and prep anything that I can in advance. This could mean putting foods on the shelf together, pouring cereal into a reusable container, or cooking food that can be reheated in the morning.

Do a few quick chores.
My day always starts on a happier note when I walk into a clean kitchen and living room. It feels like a fresh start to the day when yesterday’s mess is no where in site. One of the things I do before going to bed is make sure that the living room and kitchen are picked up.

Set goals for the day.
I like to write out my to do list the night before. This allows me to get a fresh start on it in the morning rather that taking all of my time to write out a list. It also allows me to reflect on my day as I determine what still needs to be done. My thoughts tend to be much clearer at night than in the morning.

Get a good night’s sleep.
This one may sound a bit clich√© but it is important. When I’m well rested, I’m happier and more productive. A full night’s sleep isn’t possible right now with a baby still waking, but I still try to maximize the amount of sleep I’ll get at night by setting a loose bedtime for myself.

This one is golden. All day long, we’re go, go, go with few breaks or stops. This can be exhausting mentally and physically. I try to take a few minutes every night to relax and indulge in a little self love. Sometimes, my relaxation is simply a hot shower, but I make sure that I take a little bit of time in any form that I can manage.

What does your night routine look like? I’m still working on improving mine and would love to hear how you relax in the comments below!