I have spent the past month really focused on improving my morning routine. I’ve never been much of a morning person. I’ve always needed a little bit of time to myself before I interact with anyone else. Now that I have Baby Fox in my life, that’s not always an option and that’s how I discovered that I needed a morning routine that would start my day on a positive note. I set about to make a change and along the way, I discovered one thing that everyone should have in their morning routine.

Typically, I try to avoid terms like “everyone” and “everybody” on the blog because I don’t believe in over generalizing. This is one time that I’m making an exception. This one thing is something that everyone should have in their morning routine – especially if you want to find more enjoyment in your mornings. (I’m not going to say love mornings because as a night owl, I still don’t love mornings but I don’t hate them either.)

I spent a month trying out different combinations to see what would work for me. I attempted to get up early before the baby to get that alone time I mentioned. The baby only seemed to wake earlier on the days that I was trying to get up before him. When I did succeed at getting up before him, all I could think about was the sleep I was missing out on. So, “get up before the baby” was quickly crossed off the list of things to include in my morning routine.

After that first attempt, I gave up on changing my morning routine and just went with the flow. This didn’t work because there was no organization or predictability. There was nothing for me to enjoy about the morning (aside from cute baby snuggles of course). So, I decided to look for patterns. And that’s where I found the gold. I made mental notes of the mornings that went great and reflected on what made it great in order to make my routine better.

In the end, I settled on a routine that includes Baby Fox and makes us both happy. I kept the routine simple and included things that we both enjoy. We get up and start with a nursing session. Then, Baby Fox chills in his rocker while I let the dogs out and feed them. Then, I work on getting breakfast ready and we enjoy our food together. We follow this up with a play session and a morning nap. It’s simple, but enjoyable which I’ve found is the key to making a routine successful.

So, what is the one thing that you should include in your morning routine?

It’s a very simple answer – something that you enjoy. I highly recommend finding one item you enjoy and include it in your morning routine. For me, it’s my cup of coffee or tea and breakfast with Baby Fox. Baby Fox finds enjoyment in his morning play session, so we both have at least one item that we love in our routine together. What’s something you love that you could include in your morning routine?

If that question stumps you, then I’ve got a solution! From December 1-10, I’m hosting a free Craft Your Magical Routine event in the community. We’ll be talking about routines and how you can change yours to make it more enjoyable, which can lead to a more productive day overall! If you’d like to join the event, simply sign up here and you’ll get all of the goodies and updates along the way!

Will you be joining us for this one time only special event? Let me know in the comments!