I have always loved the idea of journaling. I’ve also always been terrible at keeping up with a consistent journal. (I’ve tried more times than I can count.) Despite this, I’m still a strong believer that keeping a journal can help you decompress and relieve stress after a rough day. There is a special power that is found in words and gets released when they hit paper. That’s why I decided to dedicate today’s post to journaling.

I mentioned above that I’ve tried journaling many different times. I do well for a while but then I get distracted and try out something new. That doesn’t mean I won’t try it again in the future. In the mean time, I’ve done a little research (err…Pinterest searching) to bring you five different ways you can include journaling into your daily routine.

Bullet Journal
Bullet journals are really popular right now because you can make them unique to your needs. I’ve seen people use them as their daily planner and others use them for keeping track of memories. If you type “bullet journal” into your favorite search engine, you’re going to so many ideas to help you get started. Basically, you start with a blank journal and build it into your own unique book from there.

Quote Journal
I love quotes. In fact, I shared 10 quotes that will inspire you as a part of my self care countdown to the holidays. With a quote journal, you don’t necessarily write in it every day (which is perfect for me!). Instead, you add inspirational quotes as you come across them. This can be hand written, magazine cut outs, or doodles of your favorite words. This journal is more of a keepsake than a daily task.

Affirmation Journal
Many people include affirmations and mantras in their daily or weekly routine. I often share mine in a couple of Facebook groups but I rarely remember to write it down for myself. A journal could be the perfect way to keep track of these special words that inspire and guide you each week.

Reflection Journal
I love reflecting on my day. I think it helps me grow as an individual in both my personal life and my professional life. I normally reflect in my head, but there have been many times where I’ll grab a piece of paper and write it down instead. I could write an entire post about how I use reflection as a form of self care, but for now, I’ll simply say that reflection allows you to determine what’s most important in your life while letting go of the small things.

Scrapbook Journal
This is probably my favorite idea because it encourages creativity. For this journal, you essentially treat it like a scrapbook and include some writing along the way. You can include photos, cute embellishments, magazine cut outs, handwritten notes, and so many other items that will later spark a memory. If you’re artsy or crafty, then this is the journal I would recommend choosing for yourself.

I shared the five journal types that interest me the most, but I definitely didn’t exhaust all of the options. There are so many different ways to journal and chronicle your life out there – even digital ones! Do you keep a journal? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! Don’t keep a journal? Let me know why!