When I was pregnant with our baby boy, I was under the impression that I would have a dirty body and home. I constantly heard experienced moms talking about how they hadn’t showered for days and all of the plates were hiding somewhere in the sink. I’m sure I was focusing on these details more than I should have, but it made me make a small promise to myself – that I would get a shower every day that I wanted one.

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A year later, I can happily say that I rarely go without a shower and typically when I do, it’s by choice. And before you start commenting about how my baby must have been perfect, that is definitely not the truth. However, that’s a story for a different day. Today, I’m sharing some of the products that help me shower daily and keep the house neat and picked up. There’s something on here for newborns through one year olds and most of these are recommended through personal experience. (A few are recommended by moms that I trust and talk to often.)

As you read through this list, I want you to keep a few things in mind. There is no “magic product” that will make all babies happy. It’s been my experience that different babies like different things. For example, my oldest nephew hated the swing and as a result, my mom passed it on to us when Baby Fox was born. It was the only way we got him to nap from around two months until he was six months old. He loved his swing. The other thing I want you to keep in mind is that sometimes it takes a few tries for a baby to fall in love with something. So, if your little one seems to hate something, don’t just throw it in the closet and forget about it. Try again a few more times at different ages. Their likes and dislikes are constantly changing.

Now, let’s get on to that list!

Play Yard
Our Pack and Play has been a favorite since the day we brought Baby Fox home. We used the bassinet insert so that he could sleep next to our bed in the beginning. Our model also came with a vibrating cuddle cove that we used when he was a newborn. I would often put him in the rocker and set it right out the shower. He would often take a nap while I got in a quick shower. Now, we use it as a play yard and it still allows me to take a quick shower when it’s needed during the day. A few special toys or books and he can stay entertained for a solid twenty minutes most days.

Activity Jumper
This particular product comes in many shapes and sizes. It also goes by several different names including activity jumper, play gym, and exersaucer. Essentially, these are a seat with toys surrounding them for a baby to enjoy. In most cases, they allow the baby to bounce or jump up and down. We had this activity jumper and Baby Fox loved it. We could put him in it while we cooked or did dishes and he would stay entertained for quite a while. This was actually an item that I didn’t think he would like because my nephew wasn’t a fan.

There are a variety of chairs and bouncers available for babies to sit in. Some people swear by the Bumbo seat, but our little guy hated the version we had. We did find this convertible rocker though and quickly fell in love with it. It has multiple settings and is designed to grow with them from infancy to toddlerhood. This is another item that I have used outside of the shower when he outgrew his cuddle cove.

There are several different versions of nappers out there. Some play yards come with napper attachment like the one I mentioned above. There is also the rock and play, which is popular with a lot of parents. Nappers are helpful because they tend to be portable and give you a safe place to put the baby while you take a quick shower or clear the sink of dishes.

I mentioned in the beginning that our son loved his swing. It was a lifesaver when it came to naps during the day. (Due to safe sleep recommendations, we only used it for naps because he was supervised.) The swing we had from him had a mobile, lullabies, and could be set in different positions. The cradle position was great for naps when he was young. I have also been known to use this one outside of the bathroom door during a shower as well. The Mamaroo is another popular baby swing that many parents love to use with their little ones.

Most of our house is carpeted. In fact, we put in new carpet throughout the house shortly after we moved in. This made me wonder if a walker would be practical for us or not. I happened to find one on a yard sale site for cheap and decided to give it a go. We kept the walker in the kitchen (our only hard floor) and it was very helpful when cooking dinner or cleaning up from a meal. Baby Fox loved zooming around the kitchen and chasing the dogs with the walker – even after he started walking himself. He had been walking for three months when we finally put the walker away.

There you have it! My top baby products that allow you to take a bit of a break and get things done during the day. Don’t worry – Baby Fox got plenty of attention from us. These products simply allowed us to keep our sanity so that we could give him our undivided attention.

Do you have any must have products that helped you out? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below – especially since we plan to have more babies in the future!

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