Writing a letter to my son on Mother’s Day is slowly becoming a tradition. Last year, I wrote him a letter for our first Mother’s Day and shared it on the blog. This year, I was inspired to write him yet another letter. Today’s letter, Dear First Born, holds a special spot in my heart and I’m hoping that you’ll read it to the end to discover why it’s a special letter.

Dear first born,

It’s been a little over a year since you came into this world. I have to admit that the experience of bringing you into this world was different than expected and changed me in many different ways – mostly for the better. I wrote you a letter last year for our first Mother’s Day together and it only seems fitting to write another one this year.

This year is a lot different. We have both grown in many ways. You’re walking and getting into things left and right. I’ve found my rhythm and grown in my confidence as your mother. We still face daily challenges, but they’re much different this year.

Last year, I was struggling with sleep deprived nights and trying to figure out how to make you happy. I was slowly figuring out that your poor tummy was in constant distress due to dairy and soy. This year, you’re able to put yourself to sleep and sleeping through the night.

Last year, you were spitting up everywhere and we had spit rags placed strategically around the house. This year, you’re exploring around the house and we’re constantly finding new things to baby proof. You’ve grown in so many ways and yet you’ve stayed the same in your curiosity and fascination with the world around you.

This year holds another change – one that will change both our worlds forever. This Mother’s Day, my body is busy growing a sibling for you – a sibling that will join us in November. I doubt you understood what I was telling you on that March morning, but I want you to know that you were the first person I told about the news. The next was your Daddy and you helped me with that.

I can’t wait to watch us grow and learn as a family. I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll make a great big brother to the little one that will be joining us.

With lots of love,