One of my goals for May is to get back to blogging regularly, in addition to improving my mornings. This means sitting down, opening up Trello, and doing some brainstorming. That may sound daunting to some, but the planning stage is actually one of my favorite parts of blogging.

I love brainstorming and coming up with content ideas. I also love helping others in this area. My friends have called me the girl with too many ideas and they often come to me when they need help in this area. I’m not sure why but my brain loves to give me ideas – even when I can’t use them.

Today, I thought I’d put my talent to use and help you out. I’ve compiled a list of popular topics for May that you can use when brainstorming and planning your own editorial calendar.

Popular Blogging Topics for May

Up first, we have flowers. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “April showers bring May flowers” before. This phrase has a lot of truth behind it and you’ll find people gardening and new things in bloom. Flowers are also a popular Mother’s Day gift.

This brings me to our second topic, Mother’s Day. This holiday happens on the second Sunday of the month and is set aside as a chance to celebrate mothers. Posts about moms and how to celebrate will be searched quite a bit in preparation for this holiday.

The next hot topic for May is teachers. Most schools have teacher appreciation week this month which means parents are searching for last minute gifts. The end of the school year is also approaching which contributes to schools and teachers making it on the list.

At the end of the month, we find Memorial Day. With Memorial Day comes family get togethers, military appreciation, and remembrance of those who have lost their lives serving in the military. Memorial Day also marks the kick off of summer.

I could keep going (in fact, I did keep going in my May Content Kit), but I’m going to keep this list short today. The last topic I want to mention is food. Food is a popular topic this month as people prepare for Mother’s Day brunch, Memorial Day cookouts, and end of the year parties at school. Easy recipes for big crowds are sure to be a hit this month!

If you’re still having trouble brainstorming ideas or would just like a tribe to help you bounce around ideas, then I invite you to join us in The Content Playground, where the brainstorming is free, the collaborating is often, and the connections are real.