Valentine’s Day always makes me think about love and the big picture. I often feel like some take the holiday and make it into a big ordeal when it doesn’t have to be. I’ve seen feelings get hurt and people upset because it didn’t go a certain way. I know it’s a day dedicated to celebrating love but shouldn’t we celebrate love every day?

I believe in celebrating everyday. In fact, “I love you” is a phrase said daily in our household. Even when I was younger, those three words were the last ones that I said to family and friends that meant a lot to me. I didn’t want to leave without someone knowing that they matter to me. I’ve been known to call someone back if those words weren’t said at the end of a phone call. I take love seriously – it’s a huge commitment and an even bigger emotion.

This post is about a bit more than those three little words though. It’s about little things you can do to show someone that they matter to you. Sometimes a small gesture matters more than the big gesture on a day set aside for love. Take a moment today and use one of these ideas to show someone that you love them.

Say “I love you.”

I bet you saw that one coming! It’s true though – words are powerful. This little phrase can be so powerful if said with emotion and truth. It takes seconds to include these words in your day. We always say them right before bed – that’s an easy place to start.

Text a compliment.

With our busy world, we often spend a lot of time separated from those we love. Take a few moments today and text something nice to show your affection.

Do a chore they hate.

I love when my husband does the dishes. For some reason, they have become one of my least favorite chores as a mom. Anytime he steps in and does them without prompting, it makes my night and reminds me that he cares.

Get them a small gift.

We could get into the love languages here, but I’ll just keep it simple and say that sometimes a small gift can mean a lot. Pick up their favorite drink or treat and surprise them with it.

Ask about their day.

Sometimes we just want to talk about our day but we don’t want to bore others. Take a few minutes and listen to how the day went. A listening ear can go a long way in making someone feel better.

Leave them a note.

Texts are great. Calls are awesome. But – how often do we do handwritten notes? Leave a sweet note somewhere to be found. It’s bound to put a smile on someone’s face.

Hand over the remote.

Let your spouse or partner pick the show tonight. This is quite the gesture if you’re normally the one in control. (Although, it can also backfire on you if the other person is as indecisive as me!)

That’s just a few of my favorite little ways to show love. I’d love to hear more ideas. Is there something special someone has done for you? Have you done something special for someone else? Share your little love memories with me!

Today is the eighth day of the Love Blog challenge hosted by Belle Brita. Visit this post to learn more and join us in the fun!

Little ways to show love today and everyday