Valentine’s Day is coming up and as a result, I’ve been thinking about my favorite love centered movies – especially the ones that my husband enjoys as well. Today is day 6 in the Love Blog challenge and the topic is “fictional love.” At first, I was going to share some of my favorite books but the list was getting to be a bit too long and I promised to keep my posts short this month.

So, I changed my direction and decided to share some of our favorite love-centered movies instead. You’ll find that most of these fall into the “romantic comedies” genre. I’m guessing that a few might even surprise you – I know they surprised me when I learned that my husband liked them too!

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Two Weeks Notice

This quirky movie features Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. Sandra’s character is a legal expert that finds herself working as an aid to a self-centered business man. His decisions and the values of his company go in opposition with her values. She ends up giving her two weeks notice after he abuses her role as his assistant. Fun events and romance eventually ensues in this comical romance.

50 First Dates

This film is a favorite of ours. A lady’s man ends up meeting a special girl at a local diner. He flirts and they have a good first encounter. When he meets her a second time, she doesn’t remember him and he ends up learning that she suffers from memory loss following a bad car accident. A relationship slowly unfolds filled with laughable moments and sentimental moments that will make you want to cry.

Along Came Polly

In this fun comedy, a germ-obsessed risk analyst falls for the quirky girl with a ferret. He steps out of his comfort zone and learns to see the world through new eyes. There are a few cringe moments but perhaps that is what makes it interesting to the guys.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

This movie is centered around two bets. Kate Hudson plays a writer that is trying to get more freedom at her job by proving her talents. She is challenged to write an article about losing a guy in just ten days by doing all the mistakes girls make. What she doesn’t know is that Matthew McConaughey’s character is trying to hang on to a girl for just as long to prove that he does know how they work. It’s a battle of wits as these two try to win their bets.

Failure to Launch

He’s thirty years old and still living at home. His parents are tired of it and learn of a woman who helps in these situations. They hire her to work her magic on their son. There are a few details that make this situation unlike any that she’s worked before.

Leap Year

This one is perfect for this year since 2020 is a leap year! In this romantic comedy, Anna heads to Ireland in order to participate in an old Irish tradition that states a woman can propose to a man on February 29. She meets Declan on her way to Dublin to meet up with her boyfriend. They find themselves in quite a few adventures and situations that are fun to watch unfold. I was a bit surprised when I learned that this is a favorite of my husband but I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

There you have it – a list of romantic comedies that your husband might enjoy with you! I can’t guarantee that they’ll enjoy them but I can tell you that my husband enjoys these with me. We’re always looking for new movies to check out – feel free to share your favorites in the comments below!

Today is the fifth day of the Love Blog challenge hosted by Belle Brita. Visit this post to learn more and join us in the fun!

Some of our favorite romantic comedies to watch together. Even my husband enjoys these!