I’ve always been big on incorporating self care into my weekly routine. Before kids, it was an easy way to relax and unwind. I would often schedule in blocks of time weekly that were focused on treating myself to a bath or other relaxing activity. Self care was much easier to prioritize when I wasn’t being pulled in multiple directions.

Three years ago, I became a mom and self care took on a new meaning. It no longer meant treating myself to something special. Instead, it meant doing little things to put myself first occasionally. I never realized how easy it could be to forget about myself until I was responsible for keeping another human alive.

Self care as a new mom was difficult but I fo unds small ways to prioritize it and included it into my routine as often as possible. Then, we decided to add another child to our crazy lives. This is when self care became scarce and I started to realize just how important it was to remember my needs. After all, it’s hard to care for others if you’re not taking care of yourself.

Self care used to mean long baths or weekend pedicures. Now, it simply means taking care of myself and finding fifteen minutes here and there to remember who I am as an individual. Below, I’ve included a few of the simple things I do as a mom to help meet my needs.

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Start the coffee pot first.

It may seem minor but one of the things I do daily for myself is starting the coffee pot. I’m not a morning person even though my kids wake me up around seven every morning. I have discovered that I can tolerate early mornings a bit better with a cup of coffee and my favorite creamer.


It might seem minor (especially if you don’t have kids), but I try to make my shower a priority. It helps relax me and I always feel a bit more human after a good long shower. I found showers were especially important during the newborn haze. I was creative and found many ways to shower every day even with a baby in the house. A shower was important even if I had to bring the baby into the room with me.

Ask for help.

This is probably one of the hardest things for me to do. I try my best to anticipate the needs of those around me and help whenever I can. I know that sometimes a little help can go a long. I have a hard time asking for help though, even when I need it. There have been multiple occasions when asking for help turned out to be the ultimate form of self care.

Read a book for myself.

I’m constantly reading throughout my day. My sons love to bring me board books and most days, I feel like I spend a substantial amount of time with a book in my hand. These books don’t fulfill me in the same way as a grown up book though. This is why, I’ve started a nightly routine of reading before bed. I find that it helps me relax, fuels my soul, and allows me to sleep just a little bit better. I aim for a chapter a night. My progress is slow but at least there’s progress. (I’m currently enjoying Nine Strangers by Liane Moriarty.)

Take a break.

This is probably my favorite form of self care as a mom. It’s also the one I experience the least. I love taking a few hours or even a day away from my kids to regroup and refuel. I always find that I come back from these days with a slightly different outlook on motherhood and a better understanding of my role as a mom. These breaks happen because my husband is a good parent and takes the kids from time to time. It’s also a good chance for some daddy-son bonding time.

I could probably continue this list but I’ve already allowed this post to get a bit long. I hope you’ll take an idea from this short list and do something small to take care of yourself this week. I’m always looking for new ideas and would love to hear your favorite self care ideas in the comments below! Who knows? It might make my next list of self care ideas for moms!

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Simple self care ideas to help you take care of yourself as a mom.