When I first started blogging, social media was a smaller puzzle piece than it is now. Bloggers were just starting to discover the power that it held. There was a push to have a presence on all of the platforms and burn out was happening as everyone tried to be everywhere at once.

Eventually, things shifted and quality replaced quantity as it often does. The common practice went from “be everywhere” to “pick one or two and focus on them.” This introduced a new question – how do you pick?

Today, I’m helping you figure out which social media platforms will work best for you and your blog. You can try to be everywhere or you can narrow your focus and free up some time. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions…

Which platforms are your favorite?

I’ve seen a lot of people recommend looking at your ideal audience and determining where they hang out. While this is super important (see question 5!), I also believe in looking at your own preferences. If you pick platforms solely based on your audience, then you might find yourself struggling because it’s not your style. The truth is that your audience is in many different places – you just have to pick your favorites.

Where are you already?

Do you already have a social media presence? Take a moment and evaluate it. Do you like the platforms you’re on? Are you actively engaging on all of them? It’s okay to admit to yourself that one or two just aren’t for you. I was active on Twitter for years and even figured out some tricks to help me grow. However, I eventually shifted my focus away from it because it didn’t fulfill me. I wasn’t actively engaging on it like I was on Instagram. It turns out pictures are more my thing than short witty posts that move fast.

What is your preferred content?

Content comes in many forms including video, audio, pictures, and text. Each platform uses content in a different way and this should be an influencing factor in deciding which ones to use. If you’re not a fan of pictures, then maybe you should avoid Instagram.

How much time do you have?

It’s so easy to overextend yourself in the online world. I once thought that I had to be everywhere in order to bring visitors to my blog. I was stretched all over the place, using schedulers, and often not engaging with others. When I narrowed my focus to the platforms that fit with my time and style, I was able to focus on engagement and getting to know my followers better.

Where is your audience hanging out?

I told you this question was important! I simply think it should come after some personal reflection. Now that you’ve established your own preferences, take a look and see where your audience hangs out. Where do things overlap between you and your audience? That’s your golden spot! That’s where you should place most of your focus.

Navigating social media as a blogger can feel overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like we need to have a presence everywhere when really we need a strong presence in one or two spots. Take a few moments to reflect and determine if your social media presence is really benefiting you and your audience. Don’t be afraid to make the tough choices and narrow down your focus!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on social media and which platforms are your favorite! Share them below along with your username so that I can connect with you further!

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Tips for picking the right social media platforms as a blogger.